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Read this section to learn how to deal with your child's tantrums.

What is a temper tantrum?
Temper tantrums happen when your child loses control of her bad feelings. Every child has bad feelings sometimes - it's normal. Your child might get very mad, sad, tired or hungry. She hasn't learned how to control her behavior yet, so she might start crying, screaming, kicking, hitting, or even holding her breath.

Temper tantrums can be a very hard part of being a parent. All young children have temper tantrums:

  • Tantrums usually happen in children ages 1 to 3, but they can happen later on too.
  • Girls and boys both have tantrums.
  • Both deaf and hearing kids have tantrums. But if your child does not have a lot of language, she can't tell you what she wants or how she feels using words or signs. This can make her more frustrated and have more tantrums. If you cannot communicate with your child in the same language, she will have more tantrums, even when she is older.

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