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Get Ready for Toilet Training

Get ready to spend a lot of time in the toilet! Relax and enjoy spending this special time with your child. Read this page for ideas to help your child get ready for potty training:

Talk to your child go toilet

  • Before you start, make sure that you both know the words or signs for toilet, pee and poop. Look here for different signs about diaper changing and potty time.
  • Talk about how the body works. Tell her she needs to wait to pee or poop in the potty or toilet.
  • Use pictures to teach your child how to use the potty or toilet:
    • In the bathroom put up pictures showing the steps to take. This will help your child know what to do
    • Include a picture showing someone washing her hands after using the toilet, or have a picture of the sink and soap.
  • Don't use words like "dirty" or "stinky", when you explain how her body works. This might embarrass her.
  • Tell her why it is good to use the potty:
    • No more diaper rash
    • She will be clean and dry.
    • It is an important step towards growing up.
  • Use dolls or action figures to show your child how to use the potty. Make it fun!
    • Train the doll to go to the potty.
    • Praise and give it a pretend party when it goes to the potty successfully.
    • Use this as a way to encourage your child. If she uses the potty successfully, she can also get a party.
  • With your child color pictures of a boy (for boys) or a girl (for girls) using the potty. While coloring, explain how one uses the toilet. You can find sample coloring pages at www.pottytrainingtips.com

Choose a potty training chair or the adult toilet seat

The Potty Chair

potty training chair

  • Your child can sit comfortably. You can also move it to different places around the house.
  • Let your child put stickers on it. Let her sit on it and watch TV. This will help her get used to it.
  • Take her to the potty chair whenever she needs to go. Tell her how to use it and what to do. Show her what you mean by throwing what's in her dirty diaper into the potty.

The Adult-Size Toilet Seat

  • It is easy to clean up. It makes using toilets away from home easier for your child.
  • Get a small step stool so your child can climb on and off the toilet. Also, get an adjustable seat.
  • Remember to explain to her how to use the toilet whenever she needs to go.

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