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Learn about different devices that can help your child hear more.

Your child may be able to hear more if she uses something that makes sounds louder or clearer. That "something" could be a hearing aid or an assistive listening device (ALD). Being able to read what someone says can also help your child follow what's going on. Learn more about these devices by reading these sections:

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Hearing aids
Hearing aids can help most hard-of-hearing and deaf children.
After your child’s hearing has been tested, your audiologist should tell you which hearing aids can help your child. She will also help you get them. Read this section to learn more about hearing aids.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)
ALDs may help your child hear better in certain places.
Those places could be a school or a crowded room.
Read this section to learn about different kinds of ALDs.

Other assistive devices
These devices will let your child do many things that children with normal hearing do. They can help her talk on the phone and watch TV. She may also use devices that tell her if there's a fire alarm or if someone's at the door. Read this section for more about devices like these.

Cochlear implants
Cochlear implants can help children with severe or profound hearing loss to hear better. Read this section to find out whether a cochlear implant is the right choice for your child. This section also talks about what you can expect if you choose a cochlear implant.

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