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Help in School

These things may help you and your child's teacher. They are ideas to help your child learn to read in the classroom:

Ask Questions

  • Stop and ask for questions. Tell your child it's okay to ask questions and to ask for help.
  • Stop the film and explain what's happening. Ask if your child has any questions.
  • Use "KWL" to find out what your child is learning:
    • What do I know?
    • What do I want to know?
    • What have I learned?
    • What more do I need to know?

Help Your Child Understand what he is reading

  • If your child communicates in ASL, sign a summary of the story before you read it.
  • Use lots of pictures. This helps your child understand the words.
  • Use video captioning any time you are watching a film or reading a very long story.

Help Your Child Learn

  • Stop and explain what's been said. Make sure your child is learning.
  • First, talk about the main ideas your child already knows. Then, have him learn something new.
  • Review old ideas and new vocabulary before moving on.
  • Let your child share his ideas. Let him show what he's learned.
  • Be positive! Tell him it's ok to make mistakes. Mistakes are how everyone learns! When you help him do his work, tell him he's doing a great job.

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