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How You Can Help Your Child


How you can help your child
This may seem like a big problem, but there is help for children with CAPD! Special teachers and therapists who know a lot about this problem can help your child learn.

You may even think about placing your child in a school or program for the deaf. Some children with CAPD do best in these programs, even if their ears are working just fine.

Teach your child how to relax
Having CAPD can be very stressful for a child. Not knowing what people are saying can make things very tough for a child! So teach your child how to calm down:

  • When you see your child starting to get frustrated, show him how to take a few deep breaths and relax his body.
  • Teach your child words or signs for tense, stress and pressure.
    But also teach words for calm, feel good and relaxed.
  • Watch your child's body language. Learn what signals mean he is starting to get stressed.
  • Assume that child can't tell what feeling he is feeling. Talk about feelings with your child. This will help your child to calm down.
  • Try to get him to relax without watching TV, or playing video games.

Learn more about CAPD

  • Read this article that tells you more about what CAPD can look like. (Clicking on this link will open up a PDF file.)
  • Check out the CAPD Parents' Page to find out more about CAPD. (Clicking on this link will open up the site in a new window.)
  • Read these pages on CAPD.
    (Clicking on this link will open up the site in a new window.)
  • Check out this list of books on CAPD.

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